Mission and Vision


The mission of the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center is to improve and maintain the health of individuals and families in the Merrimack Valley by providing a network of high quality, comprehensive health care services and by training health care professionals to respond to the needs of a culturally diverse population.


GLFHC distinguishes itself by providing the highest quality patient experience and innovative solutions to improve health outcomes.


  • Be a leader in the community and among our colleagues by advocating for good health and training culturally competent providers and staff to provide family centered care in partnership with our patients.
  • Anticipate, advocate and respond to the needs of the people we serve with creative community based programs and services that are provided in a culturally competent manner.
  • Aggressively identify and pursue funding to implement our mission and vision, and to use our resources wisely.
  • Provide prompt, courteous service to our patients, clients, guests, and each other, and to seek continuous improvement in what we do.
  • Protect the confidentiality, privacy, and dignity or our patients.
  • Be a good employer that communicates openly, treats people fairly, and encourages employees in their professional development and career development.
  • Assure that our organization remains locally governed and controlled, and to assist other local non-profit organizations with this objective whenever possible.
  • Promote the inclusion of consumer and community groups in planning to care for our patients and clients.
  • Collaborate with other organizations and providers to make high quality, cost-effective primary care and other services accessible to everyone in the Merrimack Valley.
  • Govern and manage with honesty and integrity.
  • Treat everyone we encounter with courtesy, dignity, and respect.