NEW! PATIENT PRE-REGISTRATION PROCESS. GLFHC has introduced a new Appointment Pre-Registration Process, designed to expedite check-in at all our clinical sites and reduce the amount of time spent in waiting rooms. Click More Info to learn about it. / NUEVO PROCESO DE PRE-REGISTRACIÓN DE LOS PACIENTES. Nos complace presentarle un nuevo proceso de pre-registración, diseñado para acelerar su registración en todas nuestras clínicas y reducir el tiempo que pasa en las salas de espera. Haga clic en ‘More Info’ para obtener más información. 

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When I came here eight years ago, this was my first experience working at a community health center — and I have learned so much here. I think the biggest thing is what the clinic does for the community: they just go out of their way, they go above and beyond, they'll do anything to help the people of the community.
Betsy Thomas, Site Nursing Supervisor, North
I absolutely love working for this organization because we do not leave any patient behind. We make sure that every patient is helped and supported in any way we can.
Antonina Arias, Patient Services Supervisor

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