Care Coordination Project III

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure (SGK), MA Affiliate grant-funded project last year focused specifically on the number of women who have made appointments for mammograms but failed to present for their mammograms.  The women who made up the nearly 30 percent no-show rate at GLFHC were largely representative of the number of women who have never had a mammogram, and reaching these women to encourage them to come for a screening was imperative. GLFHC began this work last spring and have had great success with this program. In fact, last year’s grant goal was to reduce the no-show rate by 5 percent, and over the past year it has been reduced by 13 percent, from a 30 percent no-show rate to 17 percent.  Based on this success, SGK funded GLFHC for a third year to continue and expand upon these efforts.

This year Imaging Center staff will institute targeted direct mailings in two phases: one as a reminder to women 40+ who are nearing the due date for their yearly mammogram, and the second as a follow-up, or recall, if they are overdue. Patients will be encouraged to call, and if they have any issues such as childcare, transportation, or need to schedule on a Saturday or weeknight, the staff will work to alleviate any concerns in an effort to make sure these patients get screened.

The success of last year’s grant is truly a testimony to the hard work and dedication of the Imaging Center staff and is evident by the reduction in the no-show rate.  The third year of funding illustrates SGK’s confidence in GLFHC’s ability to manage a successful program that makes a difference in our patients’ lives.