Lawrence Family Medicine Residency

Are you interested in training where you are needed the most, in an underserved urban community where you will make a difference while you grow into an outstanding Family Physician? The Lawrence Family Medicine Residency is where your idealism will be nurtured and will even grow. Our busy community health center network and adjacent single-residency community teaching hospital serve a fascinating community in which to learn.

Our residency has always been an innovative and progressive place.  Started in 1994 as the nation’s first accredited Community Health Center-sponsored Family Medicine Residency, in 2011 the residency was designated by HRSA as one of the nation’s first eleven Teaching Health Centers under the Affordable Care Act.  Additionally, the residency was selected by the ACGME in May 2012 as one of twelve family medicine residencies for its national four year length of training study, which begins with the class entering in June 2013.  To learn more click here.

As of July 2012, we have over 125 residency alumni who are working in underserved communities all over the country and the world.  We attract physicians who are bright and who could go wherever they wanted for their family medicine residency training, They chose Lawrence because they want to make a positive difference in the lives of the poor in the Merrimack Valley, throughout the US, and in international communities.

Come and meet the people who make up the family of the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center and its Lawrence Family Medicine Residency.  Visit our comprehensive website here.