About the Fellowship

The Lawrence Family Medicine H.I.P. is the only fellowship focusing on the underserved, is only one of of 3 fellowships post graduate for Medical Doctors, and only one of 6 alternative medicine fellowships/residencies in the country.

Mission Statement

The Lawrence Family Medicine H.I.P fellowship trains family physicians to practice integrative medicine in an underserved setting.  We aim to create a larger community of physicians offering integrative medicine in our area and world wide.

Passion Statement

We believe that by learning specific skills in alternative thinking along with the opportunity to really practice and integrate those skills into practice empowers physicians. This empowerment leads to greater happiness and satisfying doctor-patient relationships that sustain and nurture both physician and patient. This is particularly helpful in the field of underserved medicine.

We believe that the poor should especially have access to alternative modalities that are effective for psychosocial and chronic illness as it is more prevalent in these communities.

Wishin’ Statement

We seek family physicians who are personally and professionally courageous, creative, and adventurous. The ideal fellow will be self-motivated and self-directed in choosing and pursuing their educational goals for the year as well as being a team player in regards to other facets of the fellowship. This is a skill-based opportunity for an experiential learner.

Fashion Statement

This fellowship has a flexible, rather than a fixed curriculum. Each fellow tailors their experience according to their educational and career objectives. Faculty assist each fellow to plan and carry out their objectives in the hope of a seamless transition into an integrative practice at the conclusion of fellowship.

Cushion Statement

Fellows will work hard during their year, and faculty will work hard to support them.

We want you to have a realistic set of goals and expectations so that we are all satisfied with progress by the end of your year.

Cashin’ Statement

  • This is a full time position.
  • Salary is $63,000
  • $7,000 stipend for training
  • Hours averaging 20 clinical and 16 fellowship
    Alternative medicine and group visits count as clinical time.
  • 4 weeks of vacation and most holidays
  • 2 weeks elective time
  • Full health benefits